Double Birds’ Eye View

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us.” Ashley Montagu

Western Scrub-Jay nest

  In our yard, high up little chirps caught Maggie’s and my attention. I looked up and saw a Blue Jay (really the Western Scrub-Jay) hop in a nest. WOW! So exciting! Everyone that knows me, knows I love birds. As a kid I was the kind of kid that for fun perused a field manual for birds. I also had a pet parakeet named Pal that could talk. I’m still in love with John James Audubon bird paintings. My happiness in seeing the bird’s nest seized me. I still have parakeets (Tommy & Jerry) so, I can always hear the melodious sounds and chirps of birds year around. After the nest sighting Maggie and I took a walk. I saw something big and white on top of an oak tree. What the heck was that? Was it litter? Omigosh, it’s a Great White Egret on top of the tree! It looked grand sitting there. I took out my iPhone and pushed the zoom to the hilt-snap went the photo shot. The resultant photo was a humble enlargement of the greatness of this bird.

Great White Egret

Maggie looked bored while I made her wait in the middle of our walk.

I felt really lucky to be surprised with two magnificent moments of happiness seizing me so unexpectedly. Meanwhile, my faithful friend Maggie tolerated my madness and semi-pretended to be happy for me. I think her happiness was being outdoors in the fresh air while mine was high up on the tree tops with a double birds’ eye view. And, of course, with my buddy Maggie too.

(ps. I wonder if I should tell Maggie about the field guides I have for fish, seashells, tide pools, and more?)

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