Paws To Love

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:
“There is more hunger for love and appreciation
in this world than for bread.”
Mother Teresa

Maggie paws of love
  Maggie and I have our ritual of appreciation and love. In the morning I play the jazz station softly, and I drink a cup of coffee with Maggie at my side. We check our email. I read Maggie’s to her. She hasn’t mastered her vowels or consonants yet. I rub Maggie’s paws when I’m on the laptop. I’ve done this since I first got Maggie as a puppy. It always settles her down while her big hazel eyes look at me with love. Her head drops down on her salmon colored plush pillow. Her eyes get sleepier and sleepier with each rub. Then she passes out in pure pleasure. If she doesn’t have this appreciative love ritual Maggie hungers for her dose of loving from me. She loves it so much. I love Maggie’s paws. It’s comforting to paws to love her in the way that makes her feel appreciated and special. She double paws me back to show her love for me.

doubly loved

2 comments to Paws To Love

  • Vicki  says:

    the quote from mother Teresa is very true, and I love your ritual with Maggie.. she must be a very contented dog.

  • maggiemoosetracks  says:

    She’s a total LOVEBUG! <3

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