Pine Cone Trimmings….

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough.

Author Unknown

Tigger Backpack

Maggie and I have been spending time de-cluttering stuff we don’t need anymore. Our neighborhood is getting all the trees trimmed too. Lots of pine cones and pine tree saplings are scattered everywhere.

To my chagrin; Maggie loves a good pine needle!

During our clutter excavation Maggie and I came across many treasures from years of memories of my girls growing up. Maggie sniffed everything. I could tell she was wondering about these things and who’d all the smells belong to? These treasured items & their memories all remind me of the song The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert. …”won’t take nothing but a memory, from the house that built me…” Our journey is one of simplicity now. Maggie and I only need to take our memories with us. Like iCloud helps me journal my life, our journey will be light of load like the puffy cloud moving across the sky.

The lyrics from The House That Built Me sing “…under that live oak. My favorite dog is buried in the yard….” It reminded me of our dog Scotty. I found his Sherpa carry bag. My heart stopped still. His Patagonia like fleece coat…and much more left behind lay on the floor in front of me. He was our family’s faithful friend for many years. He ran the treadmill with me, went to the girls’ water polo games, barked at people that shouldn’t be here…. Scotty was before Maggie. I believe Scotty led me to Maggie from the other side high up in the clouds…. Thank you best bud. I’ll never forget you. You’re still in our hearts. <3

Scotty and Me on treadmill

I found my daughter’s Tigger backpack that she saved all these years. I picked it up and an old photo of me fell to the floor. It was a Polaroid photo taken through the car window. I was at the gas station with map directions from Mapquest to Coffee Creek Guest Ranch. We went there more than once for a dude ranch vacation. I won “Best Dressed Cowgirl” the first year at their awards ceremony. At the talent show my girls sang and danced to Shania Twain’s songs; like “I Feel Like A Woman.” It was our motto for life; “….The best thing about being a woman, is the prerogative to have a little fun…” And us girls did have FUN through the years!

Photo of me from Tigger backpack

I found a paper heart cut out. It was under the bed from years ago. The writing was in pink & red ink with written promises of love together forever. It’s from one of my girls (I’m leaving the details out ‘as promised’ sweetie). Today my girls are all grown up while my Maggie is growing up.

Maggie and I de-cluttered together as a team. What was left was closets a little leaner, and an empty room with some treasures stacked to the side awaiting their destination. For our new journey, we got a loveseat to fill the empty hole from items gone. It came with two serious looking small pillows. Not for me. I picked up some vibrant looking pillows instead to splash some color in a room once filled with life from another time. I lay the two serious looking pillows on the floor trying to decide what to do with them next. Imagine my surprise when I came back in the room and Maggie had put the pillows to good use. A life of simplicity when you only pack a tennis ball for the journey and choose two pillows as your ride!

Maggie with her tennis ball & two pillows

*Special blog dedication to my girls:

Julie & Christy

Shania Twain’s: You’re Still The One

Looks we made it, look how far we’ve come…..still together, still going strong…..

Look how far we’ve come now baby!

Love ya,

Mom & Maggie <3 <3

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