ESS: Extra Special Spaniel

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“Spaniels by Nature are very loving, surpassing all other Creatures, for in Heat and Cold, Wet and Dry, Day and Night, they will not forsake their Master.”

Richard Blome

Maggie’s 1st birthday 1/22/12

  In my opinion, ESS stands for Extra Special Spaniel, but for those of us lucky enough to own this breed, it really stands for English Springer Spaniel. The American Kennel Club (AKC) describes the temperament of the English Springer Spaniel as having an “eager to please” quality. They go on to describe this breed as “…cheerful and affectionate, Springers love their families…”. I can testify they are all that, and much more. Years ago, I fell in love with this breed for their loyalty, easy going nature, and fun factor. It doesn’t matter if they’re male or female dogs, because they’ve the same endearing qualities.

“Springer” & me

Their human like eyes glimpse into your soul as you look back into their soul. My belief is both souls intertwine and that is why they never forsake their masters; two souls become one. ESS’ also feel this for others of the same breed. I saw this in action when Maggie ran into Jack, another English Springer Spaniel. Maggie’s eagerness to run up to Jack was unbelievable. We’ve come across a lot of dogs in our walks, but I’ve never seen her enthusiasm for another dog like the day she met Jack. They’re kindred spirits with humans and their own kind, never forsaking each other. Like I said; Extra Special Spaniel!

Maggie & Jack

Sidenote: Jack, if you’re reading this Maggie wants to play!

Would ya drop a line and set up a some ESS time for fun?

PLAY: It Had To Be You sung by Harry Connick Jr.

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