Every Bunny Needs Some Bunny

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“In your Easter bonnet
with all the frills upon it,
you’ll be the grandest lady
in the Easter Parade!”
Irving Berlin

Julie-left & Christy-right
  This Easter it’s just Maggie & me. No playing of Irving Berlin’s Easter Parade movie while the ham cooks. Today I’ll be thinking of my family and especially my twin bunnies; Julie & Christy. They’re miles away. I’ll be remembering my family telling me my mashed potatoes & Easter ham are the best ever. I’ll remember Easter baskets full of candy and colored eggs hidden everywhere. Yes Julie you always found them first! wink wink… I’ll be remembering my girls in their Easter bonnets and finery parading about on Easter Sunday. The bright news is that this Easter Maggie & I won’t be sharing the black jelly beans! More for us. he he… I will look forward to Easters in the future when the family is together again. I’ll have hoppy visions of Maggie sniffing around in the kitchen smelling the ham cooking, and of my family oohing and awing over the food served on the Easter dinner table.
Hoppy Easter to my family & friends

Maggie- 7 weeks old

PLAY: Easter Parade sang by Judy Garland & Fred Astaire

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