Mon Ami Lived Hoppily Ever After

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day: 


My Friend,

my companion,

through good times and bad

my friend, my buddy,

through happy and sad,

beside me you stand,

beside me you walk,

you’re there to listen,

you’re there to talk,

with happiness, with smiles,

with pain and tears,

I know you’ll be there,

throughout the years!

  Easter season reminds me of when my girls were young and we decided to get a bunny. We wanted a small floppy eared bunny. We did our research and scanned the ads (back then it was newspaper ads in print). The day we went to pick out our bunny we entered the seller’s huge backyard. It was a plethora of bunnies roaming free everywhere. We picked out a cute black & white floppy eared boy bunny. We were promised this bunny’s size was “small”, not large like some of the other bunnies we saw hopping in the yard. We named him “Mon Ami”-my friend. We got the name from Agatha Christie’s detective Hercule Poirot’s favorite saying to his friend Hastings; mon ami. Long story short, our bunny grew into a very large bunny. Really big. He was so big that after a few years of having Mon Ami we decided to let him “roam free” on a farm with other bunnies. On the farm he chewed grass, ate bunny food, and lived a happy outdoor life. Today my Mon Ami is Miss MaggieMoose; a big beautiful girl who lives hoppily ever after with me! I think her ears are similar… he he

Maggie at 15 weeks

PLAY: Poirot and Hastings

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