Puzzling Mysteries

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

Our whole life is solving puzzles.

Erno Rubik

Maggie with puzzle

  When I was in the pet store picking up dog food and biscuits I saw some puzzler toys for dogs. I couldn’t resist. Yes, I agreed with the packaging on the toy; Maggie needs some mental stimulation. This toy was a 3 in one puzzler. I hid the treats beneath the green cups. The goal was for Maggie to move the cups around to find the treats. Well, I either have a genius dog or this toy was too easy. BAM! She solved the puzzle STAT!

Maggie with bone puzzle

Then I filled a different puzzle with treats to test her genius-ness further. BAM! She did it again! I choose to believe I have a genius dog. I told Maggie she was a genius. After all, kids grow up to what they think you believe they are capable of…. I believe Maggie can solve any of life’s puzzling mysteries. I think I’ll get her a Rubik’s cube next….

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5 comments to Puzzling Mysteries

  • Cherokee Billie  says:

    Once again Maggie proves her superior intelligence! Thanks for the post and the photographs. I know that you two will have a wonderful day! Cherokee Billie

  • Animalcouriers  says:

    Ha! You had to try a second time? Surely Maggie’s superior intelligence was proved first time round 😉 Mind you, she deserved the extra treats…

  • maggiemoosetracks  says:

    Thanks Cherokee Billie! You too have a wonderful day! :)

  • maggiemoosetracks  says:

    Yes, Maggie thought she deserved the extra treats!!!

    I think she thought….”and I have to prove what? Why?”
    ha ha ha

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