Alces alces: Unpredictable Predictable MaggieMoose

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“It is our task, both in science and in society at large, to prove the conventional wisdom wrong and to make our unpredictable dreams come true”

Maggie & 12″ twig

  Maggie walked in this morning from outside carrying a 12″ twig. Her usual fare is a 2″ twig. I haven’t had to negotiate with Maggie over a large twig for some time. I forgot how predictable Maggie is, because she’s been unpredictable lately. Back to the twig, the drill is we exchange twig for treat. Maggie’s been doing this since she was a little puppy. Her junkyard dog grip on the fragile looking twig is legendary around here. Why bother fighting over it? I give, she gives.

12″ twig
I know she dreams about these larger than life twigs. I think she dreams she’s running in the forest with a smorgasbord of twig delights to chose from like her cousin the moose. Maggie’s a wannabe herbivore. I’m glad she doesn’t have a four-chambered stomach. She might eat me out of house and home. “Mooswa” is an Algonkian name for twig eater later changed into English as what we know today as “moose”. I’ll support Maggie’s unpredictable dreams she’s a real living moose with a bevy of greater than life size twigs. After all, we both believe in moose size pawsability living….

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