John Wayne, Real Man, True Man, Fine Man, A Man I Could Love

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway.”

  Today Maggie and I pay homage to John Wayne. A real man, fine man, a man we could love. An American hero. It’s the anniversary of John Wayne’s death. He was a patriot that died on a patriotic day; D-Day. Besides Gary Cooper, John Wayne was my childhood movie star idol. I’d play like a cowgirl, and never act like a sissy. We called it “buck up” if someone was getting squeamish. I admired his toughness. When I was a child little girls we’re suppose to be “girly” not gritty. If I wanted to run with the boys I had to have courage. Courage when I was scared to death as I climbed to the top of trees, or jumped off buildings. I never thought I could hurt myself if I kept that “can do” attitude exemplified by John Wayne. In college my roommate and I use to say “we want a real man, true man, fine man, a man we could love”. The kind of guy we wanted had a spine like John Wayne. I know these traits are appealing to Maggie too. Maggie and I can be “girly”, but we like to adventure. We want to surround ourselves with a man who saddles up anyway, even if being scared to death. Maybe one day he’ll ride into town and say to us “Howdy Pilgrims.”

Maggie ready to saddle up

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