My Little Nut

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“Every oak tree started out as a couple of nuts who decided to stand their ground.”

Mighty Oak tree
(see trunk in below photo)

  My dog Maggie is a nut. Since her diet seems to be part “twigs” I think she’s from the tree family. She’ll firmly stand her ground with a twig in her mouth unless I give her a trade like a treat. She’s a little nutty that way. Could she be an acorn in the making of a mighty oak? Maybe. I’ll get concerned if Maggie starts growing roots from where her paw pad hair is, and leaves sprout from her velvety head. Until then, I’ll enjoy my job of “twig barterer” with my nuttiest acorn.

trunk of above Oak tree with the nuttiest acorn standing her ground
PS. This tree reminded me of imagining Bilbo Baggins walk by it as in the book The Hobbit by J. R.R. Tolkien.

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