Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“The royal road to a man’s heart is to talk to him about
the things he treasures most.” Dale Carnegie

Maggie & breeder Sharon’s grandson

Last year when I was going to get my puppy Maggie I asked the breeder Sharon if she’d email me some photos of my precious treasure. She kindly sent me many photos taken with her grand-kids while I awaited her arrival. I treasured the photo of Maggie with the the all American looking boy with his big smile. Maggie was snuggled so close to him that looking at it melted my heart. L-O-V-E. I carried this photo with me. I showed people, and talked ad nauseum about my little Maggie (still do). When I wanted to smile I’d look at the photo again. I could hardly wait to receive this bundle of love seeped in love by Sharon’s family members. I happened to be cleaning out my garden table when I discovered another treasure. A small 4″ garden pot painted with love symbols all over it. It was a gift from my daughter Julie when she was in 3rd grade. There was still some soil clinging to the inside bottom of the pot. I can’t remember what kind of plant she gave me with it, but I felt like I found the Mother Lode finding this little pot. Right next to me was my other treasure; Maggie, now a year old and chomping on twigs. Immeasurable in its depth of meaning of how rich I felt having little reminders of the big treasures in my life. Ask me about my dog Maggie or my family and you’ll find the royal road to my heart.

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    Love Treasures – Have a Great Day:)

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    Thanks! :) Have a great day yourself! :)

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