Red Tailed Hawk Rendezvous

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“There is an ancient Indian saying: ‘We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.’ If we use this ethic as a moral compass, then our rendezvous with reality can also become a rendezvous with opportunity.”

Pat Schroeder

Red Tailed Hawk on our walk

  Maggie and I had just started on our walk and BAM! There was a Red Tailed Hawk in front of us. We know this bird. We know what tree it lives in. We see it fly high above scouting for food, but we’ve never seen it so close to us before. We felt privileged to be in its presence. I asked Maggie to sit. She politely sat. Maggie knows the drill. When we see wildlife on our walks she is to be very quiet so, I can take photos. I can’t verbally describe the majesty this bird of prey projected as it stood there very still. It was big and bold in a quiet way. As I drew out my iPhone (the only camera on me), unlocked the password protect, I took the first photo. My plan was to walk closer to it and take whatever photos were possible. It took off in flight. I snapped the photo. What wasn’t captured in the photo is the prey in its talons when it took off. We saw it though. It held its dinner closely locked in its talons while it flew away from Maggie and me. Maggie could see the bird over by the trees after it landed, but I couldn’t. It blended in with the background and became invisible. We had an amazing rendezvous with opportunity seeing our neighbor the Red Tailed Hawk on our walk.

Red Tailed hawk in flight with its prey

10 comments to Red Tailed Hawk Rendezvous

  • Animalcouriers  says:

    That was a close encounter Maggie! What fun.

  • maggiemoosetracks  says:

    Maggie loved it! 😉

  • thecompleteguideto0scar  says:

    You are so lucky to see one of these in the wild, I work with one but it is in captivity, she was dumped at the Animal sanctuary I work at, beautiful birds!

  • maggiemoosetracks  says:

    We love that you work at the Animal Sanctuary! We do feel very privileged to share our neighborhood with this majestic creature. :)

  • thecompleteguideto0scar  says:

    I have a blog now on the work I do there, the link is on the right hand side of the Oscar blog.

  • Clowie  says:

    A magnificent bird!

  • maggiemoosetracks  says:

    We love it! We shared your blog on our twitter page: :)

  • maggiemoosetracks  says:


  • Bella Remy Photography  says:

    You’re lucky the hawk didn’t run off with Maggie in tow. Happy sighting!

  • maggiemoosetracks  says:

    Woof Woof :)

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