Cajun Tails: A Horse Of Course

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“A horse is a horse, of course, of course….”

Carriage Mules
  Maggie loves horses so, I had to tell her about the horses in New Orleans. They’re not really horses though, they are mules. At least the carriages we saw. The mules pull the carriages for the horse drawn carriage rides. At first glance they look like horses, but they’re not. They are mighty. They work very hard in hot & humid conditions pulling tourists around the French Quarter. Some of the rigs are very beautiful along with their animals. The horse ties around town are works of art.

Horse tie
We were transported back in time through the architecture of the buildings in the French Quarter or from the horse ties. A carriage ride seems the norm here. I assured Maggie that lots of dogs are walking about too. Dogs are well represented in New Orleans, but that’s another tail. Maggie’s all ears…. Meanwhile, back to our story, I told Maggie to remember a horse is a horse of course of course, unless it’s a mule. Maggie doesn’t mind if they’re a horse or a mule. She’s happy I’m back home where our morning walks together are cool!

Mule drawn carriages

6 comments to Cajun Tails: A Horse Of Course

  • Animalcouriers  says:

    Guess pulling tourists is still easier than pulling a plough 😉

  • maggiemoosetracks  says:

    Yes! They get to rest in between rides too! :)

  • starkwe  says:

    Some day I will ride a mule-drawn carriage through the French Quarter!

  • Bella Remy Photography  says:

    Welcome back ! I missed seeing Maggie’s daily tricks. Did you have a fabulous time in New Orleans? I am so jealous that you were there.

  • maggiemoosetracks  says:


  • maggiemoosetracks  says:

    It was jammed packed with adventures! We did so much yet so many things were left not seen! :)
    We will go back…. :)

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