Dog On Board: MaggieMoose Hits The Treadmill!

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise.”

Maggie on the treadmill 

  We have a new treadmill in the house. It’s quite fancy. Maggie is in treadmill training. She only needs to be able to go forward. No iFit for her, that’s for me. Before Maggie arrived (as a puppy) I donated my old treadmill to the Salvation Army. Maggie was to be my “treadmill”. She’s lived up to my expectations for getting a good workout on our daily walks. Soon winter weather will be here. Burrr. I remember how cold it was last year (human “sissy” here). When the darker mornings & nights or the inclement weather hits we’ll be prepared. No chubby bear hibernation for Maggie or me. Exercise it is. Before Maggie I had a little Maltese named Scotty. I trained him on our treadmill. He was quite buff and proud of it. Scotty loved the treadmill so much that when he saw me get ready to hop on, he’d pout unless his workout came first. Now he’s running with the big dogs in heaven. My hope is that Maggie will have the same fervor as my little 9 lb. Scotty. Happy Tails Maggie!

Scotty and me

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