MaggieMoose: Dog SUPER MODEL

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“Beauty has a lot to do with character.”

MaggieMoose: dog super model

  Maggie takes her photos seriously. She willingly poses for me. She will hold a pose for the longest time. I can tell she loves it. It’s the twinkle in her eyes that gives it away. She loves the act of acting like a dog super model. I think she takes pride in her work. Well, she is from America’s heartland where hard work, integrity and pride of one’s work is valued. Maybe it’s in her English Springer Spaniel roots. She’s just a country girl at heart that rolls up her sleeves and gets it done. Yesterday thanks to the rain the fresh green grass was so beautiful. I wanted Maggie to sit and pose in front of it to show off her beautiful coat contrasting the green. She sat and posed for me as I started taking her photo. Then I notice that her lip on her right side was eschew. Her smile wasn’t symmetrical. I didn’t care. I kept taking photos. Later when I reviewed the photos I noticed that Maggie noticed her lip was out of place. Beauty really does have to do with character. What a character my Maggie is!

First she aligns the left side.

Then she corrects her right side.

Finally, all is well-perfectly posed.

She held this pose and didn’t move a muscle!

I guess she was happy with this look!


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  • cravesadventure  says:

    Beautiful – Have a Great Thanksgiving!!!

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