Who Is In That Dog Bed; Moose Or Bear?

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“Change brings opportunity.”

Maggie Sunshine

  Our schedules have changed since Daylight saving time ended. Moving the clock back one hour’s worth of time has changed when the the light shines in the morning. Before the time change, it was so dark in the mornings. It made it difficult to see walking in the dark. Now it’s lighter earlier so, we can get out there with time to spare. On the flip side, we need to get our afternoon walks in earlier to beat the sun going down. Change is good, it brings opportunity. The chill fills the air with the seasons changing. Maggie feels guilt free as she hunkers down in her cozy dog beds around the house. The carpet use to be the place for Maggie to lay down next to me, but the cushy dog bed has called her. Yes, I understand. I am now wearing a robe to stay warm in the mornings. If I don’t see Maggie around me I know I can find her in a dog bed. It keeps things simple. I think Maggie is getting her hibernation mojo on. Wait a minute, I thought she was part moose, not bear? Who knows, maybe she’ll transform into something else when Spring arrives….. Maggie reminds me, change is transforming.

Maggie hunkered down with a toy close by

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