Twigmas Tidings: Past, Present & Future

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream.”

  Last night we hung up the last Christmas ornament. It is a gorgeous ornament of layered suitcases with labels from worldwide travel. Future dreaming here. The problem I had was I was missing an ornament hook. All of our hooks were packed away in the Christmas stuff. In our world this is almost like thinking about opening a Pandora’s box again. (FYI-We have a lot of Christmas stuff.) Thankfully, I didn’t need to do an archaeological dig in our Christmas boxes. My daughter Julie supplied me with some more hooks she had leftover from her Christmas tree. I actually found an English Springer Spaniel ornament in Liver & White like her coloring for Maggie’s 2012′ Christmas ornament. My memory of its purchase was spending the day celebrating a friend’s birthday in the quaint town of Los Gatos, CA. Maggie’s ornament came with a little red & green scarf wrapped around it’s neck. In our family we have a tradition of each year buying an ornament to reflect each person.

Lately I have cut back in doing this tradition since my Christmas stuff is exploding. My daughter Julie is always reminding me to go through our Christmas stuff and consolidate. How does one consolidate memories? So, ignoring that advise I also bought a dragonfly ornament to remind us of my daughter Christy. This year is the the first time she won’t be home for Christmas. She will be with her special someone on the opposite coast.

As for my other daughter Julie, the lover of Elephants, Africa and more…. my special Peanut will be on our tree too as she celebrates her first Christmas with her special someone. Maggie’s cozy bed is right beneath the Christmas tree. I have to confess, Maggie is the biggest of ornament of all. And she is the best present of all wrapped up in one. I am blessed. I have come to the conclusion that we will be in the present (a gift) and focus today on tomorrow’s dream. Maggie thinks that’s a good idea too.

Twigmas Tidings 

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