MaggieMoose And Her Adventure Subbie

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“I love the rain. I want the feeling of it on my face.”

  Rain doesn’t stop Maggie from going anywhere. Rain or shine she’s ready to go out for an adventure whether out for a walk or in her Subbie car (2011 Subaru Forester). It gets her excited! Adventure girl rocks! Like yesterday, the rainy weather came back. I needed to do some last minute running around. It’s almost dark. Maggie’s piercing eyes spoke volumes to me. I read her mind and it tells me I wanna go too. OK girl. Rain drops on our faces. Pronto! I snatch a blurred photo of Maggie in front of our Subbie car. Drum roll … this is where the infomercial comes in. I have never driven a safer car in the rain (inches of pounding rain) than in our Subaru Forester. It literally hugs the road like Velcro. It’s an amazing feeling to feel so safe in stormy weather. As Maggie is my prize love bug I want to know that I can keep her safe & happy. The backseat is where she goes with Dora the Explorer. (Yes, the Stanford students got a kick out of riding with Dora too. LOL)

Maggie rides many ways; harnessed in, laying down with some zzz’s, upright or to the back of the Subbie in her crate. The crate is kept in the car if she needs to be confined for any reason. A good example of how she used her crate was when Maggie needed to wait her turn when she did human scent tracking training.

Back to the rain and darkness…. We took our walk, it rained on our faces and nightime was upon us. Together we smiled with our wet faces. Maggie’s lip kinda curled up with her antsy let’s go look and we drove away in the Subbie to do our errand. It’s happy trails for us rain or shine. We know we’ll get back home safe & sound.

till the next adventure….

6 comments to MaggieMoose And Her Adventure Subbie

  • Vicki  says:

    Please tell Maggie thank you for sharing her day.. it motivates me to stop staying in when the weather is not co-operating. :)

  • maggiemoosetracks  says:

    Maggie says WOOF WOOF get out and go! :) :)

  • cravesadventure  says:

    Adventuring in the rain – Happy Friday:)

  • Cherokee Billie  says:

    I love reading Maggie’s adventures. Thank you for sharing them with us. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  • likeitiz  says:

    Has it been raining lately in the Bay Area? We need some rain. I’ve been traveling—for work, really. :-(

  • maggiemoosetracks  says:

    Yes, rain off & on. Random. I was in one surrounding area (RWC) and no rain. Came home and it had poured and was raining, then stopped, then started. :) :)

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