MaggieMoose: Purpose of Pawsabilities


Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“I have decided to stick with love….”

  We were asked What is the purpose of your pet blog? Where do we begin? Let me count the freckles all over MaggieMoose…. This past year we have shared many purpose filled pawsabilities around the world. We’ve highlighted animals, nature and people. Sometimes serious and sometimes silly. Maggie and I believe in living life with moose size pawsabilities. It’s pawsable. We wrote of the Lakota children in Soaring Spirits and Juri & her service dog Galvin in Free Bird “Because I Can”. Sometimes our path was about family love like in MaggieMoose Grandma Love & Cookies. Maggie’s Play Day said it all from her perspective. Who knows, maybe we’re stitching a moose size quilt of pawsabiltites in global proportions? True to my girl’s sweetness she remembers her fellow animal pals in MaggieMoose Update: Want love? Add Dog & Cat. It starts in our home with Maggie’s turtles Timmy & Tui who Color Outside The Lines in pawsability living. We have decided to stick with love in our messaging in the pet blogging world. Maggie believes her humans’ heartbeats count too.

PS. Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr.


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