MaggieMoose: Wake Up & Run!

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise.”

  Maggie wakes me up by my hearing four paws moving in her crate in my room. Reluctantly I get up. I’m reminded it’s Maggie’s almost 2 year old check up appointment at the Veterinarian’s. Maggie is full throttle inside the house after going outside. She runs to her toy bin and grabs the square ball thing. Like a flash she whizzes by me carrying the orange square ball. Yesterday I bought this toy for Maggie while I was out and about. It’s a hit! She carries it around, she runs with it, she bats it like a soccer ball with her feet and nudges it with her nose.

Maybe I should call it the exercise ball? For one nanosecond Maggie lay at my feet with the ball between her paws-then she was gone….carrying the ball.

I guess this is what folks mean by get a running start to your day? The best part is Maggie has got me scrambling to gulp down my coffee, take her on a quick run, and head to the Vet’s for her check-up. The scale will tell if Maggie needs to keep running when she wakes up. We both had a lot of treats over the holidays. Maggie couldn’t help it-Grandma was in town. Echoes of Oh, let her have it, it’s Christmas, ring in my head…. Good thing we have the square ball!

7 comments to MaggieMoose: Wake Up & Run!

  • Paws To Talk  says:

    That is a great ball! We would run around with that in our mouthes all day!
    Bella and DiDi

  • maggiemoosetracks  says:

    It cost hardly anything and is a major hit! 🙂

  • likeitiz  says:

    Great toy! Btw, have you and Maggie been to Fort Funston dog park?

  • maggiemoosetracks  says:

    No we haven’t been there. I like Maggie to socialize with others, but I’m not a huge fan of dog parks. 😉

  • likeitiz  says:

    This one is different from all the others we’ve gone to. There are the trails. And then, there’s the stretch of beach!

  • maggiemoosetracks  says:

    I will Goggle this park! Thanks! 🙂
    Hope alls well with your pup!

  • likeitiz  says:

    He’s adorable!

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