MaggieMoose: Old Dogs Rule

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“Everyone is the age of their heart.”

Last Friday Maggie went to the groomer’s. It was her bi-monthly trim. English Springer Spaniels get longish hair with feathering on their legs. I prefer to keep Maggie’s hair short. She’s not a show dog, just an everyday dog. A short hairdo cuts down on dog hair around our place. It also keeps outside seeds of burrs, foxtails and more from attaching to her. Maggie told me last Friday was “old dogs rule” day. We met a Golden Retriever in the tub waiting to get a scrub a dub dub. Our impression was he was like the old, sage Shaolin monk referred to as “the blind Master Po” in the Kung Fu TV show. The show starred the actor David Carradine who was referred to as Grasshopper. This old dog just had that Master Po vibe. Next to the Master Golden in the tub were some old dogs chilling on the bench with the fans on to dry them. They might have been old, but they were youthfully curious. Who’s the kid? Maggie, I think they mean you Grasshopper.

Maggie walks in the back. The old dogs must have recognized Maggie. They went back to their comfortable positions of laying prone. Maybe they had more to contemplate or perhaps banter between the two of them? These old guys knew the grooming drill. It looked like they took it in stride like a day in the park. Nothing to shake their tail feathers like it might a young buck or lass.

Time went by. I think while I was gone Maggie had a few sage lessons from Master Golden on mental and spiritual power.

Maggie shared with me that although bodies may slow down, everyone is the age of their heart. I think Maggie must be a toddler. Her wiggle butt was full throttle and she completely forgot her manners. She was about to open the door herself. Patience Grasshopper!


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  • Oz the Terrier  says:

    Oh, that is so true. We are only as old as we feel…or think we are…or as old as our hearts. Keep feeling young!!

  • maggiemoosetracks  says:

    Thank you Oz! So glad you dropped by. It’s great to hear from friends- and you Oz, the Terrier are my friend! :) :)

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