MaggieMoose: Carmel Tails of A Dog’s World

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

  We were at Carmel by the Sea checking out this quaint community for its ‘dog friendly’ nature. For me personally, it brought back a ton of childhood memories of playing on these beaches with family and friends. But, back to my current mission of ‘would I take Maggie here’…. I could make a quilt of all the dog photos I took that day. Like Monterey, the shops in town have bowls of water outside their doors for dogs walking by needing a drink. Boy, Maggie likes to drink a lot of water. We might need to carry some extra water to refill their bowls. We saw a wonderful sign in the window of a dog and a frisbee. The beaches of Carmel are the perfect frisbee throwing turf.

We walked in the Carmel Forecast shop where there are a plethora of souvenirs. It is the perfect tourist store. I contributed to the economy of Carmel. I bought beautiful coffee cups, a refrigerator magnet and a hot pink fleece jacket that says ‘Carmel’. I love being a tourist. I know Maggie’s going to love the hot pink fleece. In this shop we met Skippy and his owners.

Skippy is a 14 year old dog cruising in style with his stroller. He had everything he needed in this RV on wheels. GO SENIORS! Skippy is proof there’s no reason to keep your Senior dog at home. Maggie liked that Skippy represented the more mature group of dogs. One look in Skippy’s eyes and Maggie rolled over on the ground-in love. Skippy’s a role model for the younger set, because he’s going confidently in the direction of his dreams. Skippy’s living the life he imagined; a life of forever going out and about with his faithful human family.

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