MaggieMoose: A Day Well Spent

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“A well-spent day brings happy sleep.”

  Yesterday was Mother’s Day. Maggie and I went on our morning walk. We saw pink roses and a very bright and cheerful yellow rose. Perfect for a Mother’s day. We rather see flowers growing than get flowers. Well, I stand corrected, Maggie rather sniff flowers on her walk than get flowers. The morning was as sunny and bright as the yellow rose. The whole day Maggie was like velcro. She must have known it was Mother’s day. I was doing a little of this and that in between Mother’s day phone calls, texts or Facebook posts and so forth. There was Maggie as my four pawed shadow. By the end of Mother’s day Maggie was spent! I think my best Mother’s day gift came when Maggie ran outside to collect the biggest twig she could find. Of course I accepted my Mother’s day gift from her with glee. After all, who needs flowers when you can get twigs from a moose full of love? We slept great after our Mother’s day well spent.

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