MaggieMoose: Adventure Dreams In Living Color

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”

  A few weeks ago we showed a B &W draft illustration of Maggie’s new children’s book MaggieMooseTracks®© Making Friends (age 6 up). We blogged about it in MaggieMoose: Trapped In Adventure. Just who are these nefarious, yet goofy men? We say wait and see… Looks like puppy Maggie is trapped in a fishing net! But how does she get out? The answer is in our first fictional illustrated children’s book MaggieMooseTracks®© Making Friends (age 6 up). It will be published by June 21st of this year! The paperback will be sold on All ebook platforms will be free to download which includes Kindle and iBook. The PDF version will be posted for download on our website 

We are living the life of our dreams being able to share our inspirational fiction stories with children and adults around the world. It’s a great adventure! Wait and see if Maggie gets herself out of the tangled mess she’s got herself into. Maggie loves a little suspense. Me too. She patiently waits for me to read her the bedtime story of MaggieMooseTracks®© Making Friends with full color illustrations. Hold on Maggie, the adventure in living color is about to begin….until then, sweet dreams.

Illustrations by Randy Jennings

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