MaggieMoose: Dreaming the Impawsable Dream

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“I love those who yearn for the impossible.”

  Maggie’s dreaming of the impawsable dream…. It’s in her nature, because she believes in moose size pawsabilities. She does her dreaming many times during the day or night. It’s a reminder for me to reach for the unreachable star… the star of our 1st kid’s book (age 6 up) MaggieMooseTracks®© Making Friends being read worldwide by children, sharing its pawsitive message of love and moose size pawsabilities.

Maggie’s eyes barely opened as she looked at me like I was the holy paparazzi terror giving her grief. Maybe it was because I interrupted one of her ginormous impawable dreams she was dreaming? Reaching for the unreachable star of MaggieMooseTracks®© Making Friends? Hugs Maggie, it’s Friday. Let’s go live out some of our dreams while our artist finishes our book’s illustrations.
Sneak peek of one of the Draft illustrations:

Meet Polly porcupine, sometimes friends can be prickly!

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