MaggieMoose: Pow Wow Tales of Princess Power

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“Character is power.”

  I told Maggie about the Stanford Pow Wow and how we saw people of all ages participate in the opening ceremonies. Maggie wanted me to tell her about the children. During the entrance parade a few young girls in their dancing regalia captured our attention. One mother prepared the shawl for her daughter, while another young girl in a jingle dress danced with pride when she made her entrance.

As the participants made their way into the Pow Wow circle we saw another young girl draped in her beautiful blue shawl. When she came closer we noticed the detailing of her beautifully beaded moccasins.

All of these young girls’ characters stood out big and bold. Maggie and I call that princess power from the soul. WOOF WOOF

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