MaggieMoose: Blue Blood Moose Gene Pool

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

  Little did I know a couple years ago when Maggie arrived that I got a two for one package. Part dog and part moose. As a puppy, Maggie didn’t just have moose size paws, but she came with a a very active moose gene pool twirling about inside of her. This was the part of her that swirls and twirls for a moose size love off twigs. She lives for twigs. I could make a coffee table book of all the photos I’ve taken of her twig delicacies she’s brought me. On my part, it’s acceptance. I accept her for who she is, part dog and part moose. On Maggie’s part, it’s privilege. Privilege to be who she is in her lifetime. Everyday she reminds me of this moose side of her. I acknowledge and accept this fact when I take another camera shot of a different twig hanging out of her mouth. The day I discovered that the word moose meant twig eater I put aside the need for a DNA test to prove she’s part moose. Anyone that can track twigs down like Maggie is a true blue blood twig royal. She agrees. WOOF WOOF

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