MaggieMooseTracks® Makes ‘New Friends’ Among International Art Community



MaggieMooseTracks® Makes ‘New Friends’ Among International Art Community

See | Me Exhibition, The Story of the Creative, showcases photos of Maggie: the world-famous English Springer Spaniel

PALO ALTO, Calif., July 22, 2013 — It’s only been a month since MaggieMoose made her first book debut in the beautifully illustrated children’s story, MaggieMooseTracks® Making Friends. But now, the world-famous English Springer Spaniel has clearly made even more friends but, this time, among the international art community. Three photos of her have been selected for the upcoming The Story of the Creative art exhibition, presented at the See | Me Exhibition venue in Long Island City.

The show kicks off with an opening night gala on July 25 at New York’s Angel Orensanz Foundation for Contemporary Art. It then runs seven weeks, July 25-September 10, at the See | Me Exhibition, a diverse showcase of artistic mediums, styles, influences and inspirations submitted by See | Me community members from 100+ nations.

“It’s very fitting that Maggie has been chosen to be featured in an art show entitled The Story of the Creative,” says Mari Campbell, the dog’s owner who, in addition to authoring Maggie’s book, is the voice behind the award-winning blog, MaggieMooseTracks®. “My whole adventure with my dog, Maggie, has been about The Story of the Creative — we are the living version: first a puppy, then a blog, then a website, then social media (Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr), then a following of Maggie ‘friends’ from 87+ countries around the world, then a children’s book series MaggieMooseTracks®, and now a feature in a prestigious international art show. Captured in all our adventures of ‘living life with moose size pawsabilities around the world’ are thousands of photos of my dog.maggie

Truly, she’s the celebrity in all this creativity, epitomizing what’s pawsable through her happiness and my imagination.

In addition to Maggie making it big in the art world, Campbell has just announced that MaggieMooseTracks® Making Friends is published on Kindle and in paperback selling through Amazon ( In addition, because of the dog blog’s popularity among Japanese social media followers, a Japanese version will come out on Amazon in August 2013.

“I think MaggieMooseTracks® has taken off with the Japanese culture because of her beauty and soulful expression when you look into her eyes,” Campbell says. “An English Springer Spaniel’s eyes look the most like human eyes. Maggie has that extra special something I can’t put my finger on, but it makes her a magnet for people of all ages. Also, the Japanese Hello Kitty following needs a dog representative to share messages of joy, love and happiness — Maggie loves pink too!”

Meanwhile, Maggie will soon spread another sort of “joy” with the world through a holiday book due out September 2013, just in time for the gift-shopping season. In this book, which touches on a diversity of traditions, Maggie will search for her own “special” holiday tradition while sharing adventures with her friends.

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About Mari Campbell


Mari Campbell isn’t just wild about animals and all the lessons they can teach human beings in their lives, she’s totally crazy about her English Springer, Maggie. As the founder of the award-winning blog, MaggieMooseTracks®, Campbell is now sharing both true and fiction happy dog stories and lessons for life all centered on and inspired by her number-one canine companion and best friend. “When Maggie came into my life, the beauty of that relationship had me naturally evolve to keep up with the magic of her and our fans. What a pleasure, and joy it is,” says Campbell.

Contact: Mari Campbell
Author & Founder, MaggieMooseTracks®


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  • FleaByte  says:

    Wow. Good for you! Good for Maggie!

  • maggiemoosetracks  says:

    Thank you! 🙂 🙂

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