MaggieMoose: Simply Called Love

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

  Last night was a big night. After much delay for numerous reasons, we received our first shipment of MaggieMooseTracks® kid’s dinnerware meal sets. We created the kid’s plate, bowl & cup for kids to enjoy time with Maggie at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The illustrations on the dinnerware go with our Book 1 MaggieMooseTracks® Making Friends

These fictional images are as lovable as Maggie is in real life. Maggie’s love has given me the strength and courage to dare to create. Love is a powerful fuel. Our slogan living life full of moose size pawsabilities around the world came from my precious dog Maggie. We both know that what we create can change kids (or adults) lives for the better. There’s no white noise in our MaggieMooseTracks® world, just sensitivity to what really matters; love of self and others. Although our MaggieMooseTracks® books are filled with colorful outdoor adventures, our books also provide a sense of calm and belonging. Maggie and I think kids want to enjoy some quiet time in a land full of imagination and creativity. At the end of last night Maggie looked at me with her soulful eyes. They peered into mine. I felt as if she told me it’s simply called love. And yes Maggie, we are living a life full of moose size pawsabilities! And others can too! It’s pawsable.

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