MaggieMoose: FIND SAM

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“I think I can help others just by my example.”

Sam the Golden Retriever & Poodle mix 
  Today it’s about finding Sam, the Golden Retriever & Poodle mix. He was snatched in broad daylight and shoved into a woman’s car. STOLEN. Sam had his tags on! Sam was taken from a close by neighborhood called Portola Valley, CA. It’s south of San Francisco, CA on the peninsula. Maggie requests others to follow her example and please share Sam’s photos through their own social media. Help find Sam. Paw prayers for Sam’s quick recovery! This family is doing everything they can to find Sam. Click FIND SAM for information about Sam and his contact info. WOOF WOOF 

While Maggie is safe at home, Sam is still out there with some unknown woman or others? This might have been Maggie’s story since she lives close by Sam’s neighborhood-please share on your social media. WOOF WOOF 

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