MaggieMoose: Keep Dreaming Woofs & Purrs

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“We all keep dreaming, and luckily, dreams come true.”

Katie Holmes

Maggie on the floor next to Flint kitty

  Maggie and I set out to write some kid’s stories that were fun, yet important enough for kids to end reading the story with a message of feeling good about themselves. We had visions of sharing tales (or is that tails) about being different, stories about finding one’s way, stories about courage and stories about friendship.

Our MaggieMooseTracks® stories came alive with Maggie and her moose antlers making friends with Flint Feinstein, the feral cat in a forest with other eclectic characters such as Alfonso, the Cajun alligator!


Then there’s the ‘know it all’ seven year old Livvy with her fun loving younger brother Charlie… Yes, anything is pawsable when you dream it. Imagine our surprise when we ended up with an orange kitty named Huckleberrie Flint. A real life Flint who’s come alive off the pages of our MaggieMooseTracks® stories. 

Flint on the chair next to Maggie

Maggie and I use to joke how Flint looked like he was wearing orange pajamas with stripes… Now we chuckle because our little Flint is wearing the same pjs! The best part is MaggieMoose and Flint, the kitty cat were best friends from the moment they met. Inseparable. Dreams do come true… I can hear the woofs & purrs beside me. What tails will they tell next?


Maggie & Flint paw’sing on one of their adventures


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