MaggieMoose: Tommy’s ABC’s

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“Why do grandparents and grandchildren get along so well? 
The mother.”

Tommy da baby – da Mom – “B” da pooch
  Maggie & Flint’s Mum is heading out for the Big Apple – NYC. Fun loving Uncle John will furball sit. It’ll be tough duty for them having all that FUN… snicker snicker…because while Mum’s away, the furballs will play…. 
NYC is the home of baby Tommy’s birth. Us Californians exclaimed NEW YORK CITY? Really? Alas, it was a true story.

Tommy’s birth side view
Tommy has a lot to learn about his ABCs. A is for Apple (NYC), B for the name of his dog, C is for all that Cuddling his Mimi (grandma to everyone else) is going to share with him. We think he’s a quick study. After all, he sleeps the whole night through, right from the beginning. Tommy must be a genius, Rhodes scholar and Mensa potential. 

Meanwhile…. A model citizen Maggie eeks as Flint is up to his Bad kitty Cat shenanigans… he hops on the dining room table! Maggie warns him by whispering get off the dining room table – Mum will get mad. Flint then tries his kitty kat mind games on Maggie…look, I’m right here on the chair, try and catch me…Zzzzzoom Flint’s gone. 
Baby Tommy, the ABCs of life are all a learning curve. Remember, it starts with your mother who’s Awesome, Beautiful and Caring.  WOOF WOOF … PURR PURR… See ya in NYC! Cuddle up for loving!

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