MaggieMoose: Fresh Air Pawsabilities

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

Anyone’s life truly lived consists of work, sunshine, exercise, soap, plenty of fresh air, and a happy contented spirit. 

Lillie Langtry


For awhile now, Maggie and I have been off the social media grid. We’ve taken time for ourselves to get healthier, happier, and to put some fresh air into our life perspective. 
Last year my daughter told me she was getting married. This was the scary catalyst for my getting fit, strong and into shape! It impacted Maggie too for she’s in better physical shape. In the summer of 2015′, I started Crossfit. It’s changed my life and Maggie’s. I gave myself one year to reach my dress size goal. In 9 months I succeeded! I did this by eating the Paleo diet and by exercising at Amity Crossfit 3 times a week. Within the 9 months, I lost 5 dress sizes!
Today I have more energy. I’ve met a ton of new friends working out. Now Maggie and I can run together instead of just walking. I’m not an expert runner. I work at putting one foot in front of the other-baby steps. As Maggie stands on the grass waiting for me to get going, I see a smile on her face. OK Maggie, let’s run! 400 meter warm up…
Fresh air changed our life perspective. Who would’ve thought a mother of grown kids (who are out of the nest) could succeed at Crossfit? And change both inside & out? Maggie knew I could do it. After all, she’s all about pawsabilities! WOOF WOOF
#FITANDSTRONG at my daughter’s bridal shower

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