MaggieMooseTracks® Books

Introducing, the MaggieMooseTracks® Children’s Book Series:

An ongoing series of inspirational and entertaining children’s books in chapter book format with full-color illustrations throughout.

About the books in the MaggieMooseTracks® Illustrated Adventure Chapter Book Series

Making-FriendsBook 1, Making Friends:
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Maggie is an English Springer Spaniel Puppy. She was born with moose antlers and is very special. Maggie gets lost on the way to meet her new family. When Maggie is lost, she meets other animals along the way…Will Alfonso, the alligator, eat her? Or will the other dangers get her before she can find her new family?

Making Friends: Downloadable PDF

Wolf-pack-3dBook 2, Christmas Star:
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Maggie spends her first winter in the forest. When Flint, the feral cat, celebrates Hanukah, Maggie wonders about her own holiday tradition. As the weather turns colder, Maggie and Flint try to find shelter. Meanwhile, Mr. & Mrs. Beaver try to rescue Maggie’s friend Charlie after he falls into the raging river. This adventure and more keep Maggie and her friends busy while she searches for the meaning of her Christmas tradition. Will she find it upon the Christmas star?


Book 3, MaggieMooseTracks®: Wolf Pack
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Flint the feral cat warned Maggie about the wolves. At the edge of the cliff, the wolf cub, Dakota stared at the English Springer Spaniel puppy, Maggie. It was a standstill with their bodies frozen in place. No one dared to move. Then, with a swift leap, Dakota the wolf cub pounced on Maggie. They both went tumbling down the rock slide into the canyon below. Will Maggie make it back? Was Flint right, the wolves can’t be trusted?


Book 4, MaggieMooseTracks®: Humgator Tails
Coming Soon!

Alfonso, the alligator, tries to impress his new friend, Tiger Lily, by telling her some alligator size fibs. Maggie overhears Alfonso and wonders if she should get involved, or stay out of it. Meanwhile, Maggie’s friend Livvy, hurts herself in the beaver dam and it’s up to her younger brother Charlie and the rest of the friends to get her out of trouble. Will they be able to help Livvy when she doesn’t believe they can? Will Alfonso start telling the truth?