Mary Morgan Medium & Psychic


In addition to writing children’s books, Mari Campbell is also a gifted medium and psychic (Mary Morgan Medium).

Mari combines her passion for children’s book writing and her psychic gifts in the MaggieMooseTracks® chapter book series.

The MaggieMooseTracks® books are created as a gentle introduction into the world of energy around us using characters and stories that kids (and adults) will love. Readers will meet precious little Maggie, the English Springer Spaniel puppy with moose antlers, Kevin Coyote, a healer, who meditates to relax his mind and body, and Maggie’s moose guardians, her translucent spirit guides, who help nudge and guide Maggie while protecting her as she learns about the world around her. These characters, along with other friends she meets along the way, share in Maggie’s journey.

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